Tracy Gregory BSc (Hons) Pod Med. LCH. DCHM.
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no image mrs moss
I have had the pain and discomfort from an ingrowing toe nail on and off for about 6 weeks, I have never felt the need to go to a chiropodist before but I am so glad I changed my mind having just visited Tracy I am now both pain and discomfort free, I also had toe nails cut and hard skin removed from both feet, they feel so good. DO NOT HESITATE IF YOU HAVE A FOOT PROBLEM, MAKE A CALL TO TRACY GREGORY, don't put up with discomfort! Tracy is professional in every way and could not make you feel more at ease, a very pleasant lady, as was the receptionist too, as for the cost, worth every penny
Michelle Midgley
I had the most horrible looking sore on my foot. Finally went to Tracey as i had taken my son to see her earlier that year. Turns out I had a huge cluster of verrucas. I paid a one off fee and Tracey said she would keep treating it every week until it had cleared. It has taken about 10 weeks but each weekly appointment is only 10 minutes. I'm pleased to say it's practically cleared. I'd recommend Tracey and her team to anyone. Very professional but most of all reasonable costs.
no image Andrea Leaf
This was my first attempt both to contact anyone or visit to explore chiropody treatment. I chose here as a result of the advice and insight I received from the receptionist I spoke to when I booked. I felt as though I was with professionals every step of the way. Tracy demonstrated skills at building my confidence in her and in explaining every aspect of what she was doing.
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