General Foot Complaints

Tracy Gregory is committed to providing treatment for the following general foot complaints:

- Corns & Callous (thick skin)
- Ingrown Toenails
- Nail Pathology (nail discolouration, thickened nails)
- Skin Disorders/Infections (cracked heels, fungal infections)
- Verrucae
- Foot Deformities (bunions, hammer/clawed toes)
- Foot & Ankle Injuries/Pain (heel pains/spurs/ planter fascities)
- Postural Foot Problems (flat/high arched feet/pronation/supernation)
- Foot and Lower Limb Problems (leg length discrepancies, ankle instability)
- Lower Limb Pains (shin/knee pain, chronic hip and lower back pain related to foot function)
- Sport Injuries

Tracy Gregory can also assess, and provide advice related to the feet in systemic disease such as:

- Diabetes
- Arthritis
- Circulatory Problems
- Neuropathy (nerve disorders)

We stock a range of podiatry products including: felt fleecy web, gel toe covers, orthortics and a wide range of foot creams and treatments for:

- Athletes Foot
- Blisters
- Burning Feet
- Chilblains
- Cold Feet
- Diabetes
- Dry Skin
- Fungal Infections
- Gout
- Smelly Feet
- Sweaty Feet
- Callus
- Corns
- In Growing Toe Nails
- Verrucae

Are you a runner or long distance walker?

Abnormal foot function is often the cause of many orthopaedic problems including:

- Back pain
- Knee/Hip Pain
- Shin Splints
- Ankle Instability
- Sprains/Strains
- Tendonitis
- Heel Pain Spurs/Plantar Fasciitis
- Arch/Forefoot Pain
- Corns/Callous
- Morton's Neuroma

Treatment for these conditions can include the use of orthotics to improve foot function and reduce symptoms.