Tracy Gregory BSc (Hons) Pod Med. LCH. DCHM.
I contacted Tracy as my daughter had a rather nasty ingrowing toenail. She promptly replied to my emails/ questions and went out of her way to see us the next day despite it being her day off. She sorted the cause of my daughter pain very quickly, taking care to explain what she would be doing and why. After the procedure we were told how to care for her foot and to call if any issues. Thank you Tracy. Amazing service. - K Sarjeant
Tracy treated my foot for an acute infection that had led to massive skin breakdown and simply refused to heal. She went above and beyond what anyone could expect, in what felt like a battle, to get my foot right. She even came in on her day off to treat me. She made me feel that she was always available if I needed her and nothing was ever too much trouble. Tracy is not only an extremely knowledgeable professional, she is a truly kind and caring individual who puts the welfare of her clients first. My foot is now good as new and I cannot praise her highly enough. - Mel Drain

Approximately six years ago on one of my regular visits for treatment with the podiatrist Tracy Gregory, she asked me how l was feeling.

I told her that for the past few days l had been feeling pain at the back of my left leg, after answering a number of her questions, Tracy insisted that l go to see my G.P at once. After visiting my Doctor that same day, l was sent immediately to Queen Alexandra Hospital, Cosham. After blood tests, l was diagnosed with D.V.T (deep vain thrombosis) after a week of injections and a course of warfarin tablets, thankfully l have been OK. If not for Tracys immediate action in getting me to see my Doctor, l dread to think what might have happened. Many thanks Tracy, you are a life saver.

 - Mr Coombes
I have been visiting Tracy for my feet since 2006, and can safely say that I am now walking on air. Tracy is a friendly, and approachable lady, who immediately puts you at you ease and explains exactly what the days procedures will be in advance so that any worries or fears you may have are removed before treatment starts. - Mr Walker
I had the most horrible looking sore on my foot. Finally went to Tracey as i had taken my son to see her earlier that year. Turns out I had a huge cluster of verrucas. I paid a one off fee and Tracey said she would keep treating it every week until it had cleared. It has taken about 10 weeks but each weekly appointment is only 10 minutes. I'm pleased to say it's practically cleared. I'd recommend Tracey and her team to anyone. Very professional but most of all reasonable costs. - Michelle Midgley
I have had the pain and discomfort from an ingrowing toe nail on and off for about 6 weeks, I have never felt the need to go to a chiropodist before but I am so glad I changed my mind having just visited Tracy I am now both pain and discomfort free, I also had toe nails cut and hard skin removed from both feet, they feel so good. DO NOT HESITATE IF YOU HAVE A FOOT PROBLEM, MAKE A CALL TO TRACY GREGORY, don't put up with discomfort!
Tracy is professional in every way and could not make you feel more at ease, a very pleasant lady, as was the receptionist too, as for the cost, worth every penny. - Mrs Moss
This was my first attempt both to contact anyone or visit to explore chiropody treatment. I chose here as a result of the advice and insight I received from the receptionist I spoke to when I booked. I felt as though I was with professionals every step of the way. Tracy demonstrated skills at building my confidence in her and in explaining every aspect of what she was doing.- Andrea Leaf
I have been coming here for years. Tracy is an excellent podiatrist and keeps my feet looking fab! The practice is friendly , professional and welcoming. Very good personal service and reasonable costs. I highly recommend it.- Karen Howe
I had really bad infection and had been to so many places and it was so expensive but Tracy fitted me sorted it and it was her day off. Best service I've had in years and for such value for money. I've been to many podiatrists and had so much trouble but Tracy and her team were so helpful and professional. I highly recommend this practice. Not only the best in Portsmouth, best in the world! If you want your feet to be looked after properly this is the place to go. - Katie Luckett
Having spent years treating what I thought was a fungal nail infection, and being treated by another Chiropidist. I saw Tracey and within a minute she said it wasn't fungal, it was my toe overlapping and damaging nail. Using toe separators and nail already looking good. Thank you Tracey.- Rose F
A super friendly welcome from very efficient staff. The consultation was fully explained and all questions answered with consideration and understanding. We were delighted with Tracy's breadth of knowledge and help. - Steve Jacobs