Tracy Gregory BSc (Hons) Pod Med. LCH. DCHM.

What to expect after you have made your appointment

You will be asked to supply brief details such as address and date of birth for our record cards. The podriatist will ask you about your medical history, and medicatons. your treatment with the podiatrist will last for approximately 30 minutes, all problems will be addressed, should your treatment take longer than the allocated time there will be NO extra charge to the patient, the podiatrist is necessary for each individual.

If you require to follow on appointments the podiatrist will advise you. Treatment will be carried out with the care and professional consideration.

Treating children

Children's feet are more vulnerable and prone to problems since they grow at a rapid rate. Foot care starts from childhood, and therefore, the earlier feet are examined by a professional the better. Children need special consideration by the podiatrist, extra time and care is always taken when treating children to ensure that the best possible outcome is achieved.

All aspects of the treatment is explained to the child and confirmed with the parent. Pensioners Patients sometimes need assistants with reoveing hosier/footwear, as we are only able to assist with removing items below the knee, it is wise to consider your clothing before you visit the surgery. We recomend short socks or pop socks be worn, for ease and speed.

General Foot Complaints
Tracy Gregory is commited to offering many services related to foot complaints, find out the full list below.
Footwear Advice
If you have problems finding shoes and sandals that fit well, feel comfortable and look great, you will benefit from this service.
Other Services
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